Define Multiple Product-level UOMs

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Currently each product can only be listed with 1 Unit of Measure.

It would be extraordinarily helpful to be able to define different UOMs for the same product. This could be used for inner and outer packs, sets, case-packs, pallets, or any sellable unit. This way you can select your 'order UOM' and add that to an SO. 

In our case we would select "Case-pack" as the sellable order UOM, and so adding 3 cases of an item with a case-pack of 6, would add 18pcs quantity to the order. 


1/piece, 3/set, 6/pack, 12/dozen, 24/case-pack, 48/inner-pack, 72/outer-pack, 1024/pallet

The only current way to do this is too much of a cumbersome workaround it doesn't make much sense for more than a few products. Either the products have to be duplicated as packs and have the units as the BOM. Or it can kind-of be handled by an Additional Attribute (like case-pack), and then calculated on the template level, but you cannot use the unit from Dear itself.

It would be great to define 5 UOMs for each product. At least 1 would be fantastic. On the SO there'd be the ability to select sellable UOM and quantity of that UOM (EG. 5 cases), and another column with extended quantity in smallest UOM (pieces) which are multiples of the selected UOM.


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  • 5-10 Units of measure would be great, for Sales Order and Purchase Orders, as we order in cases/pallets and sell in singles/boxes, like a lot of businesses. 

    Thanks :-)

  • This is a must have feature. We have over 2000+ Sku's and it is impossible to look remember what the master pack is for each item each time we order. Luckily we are on the free trial, without this feature, it is just another medicore inventory system.

  • Any update on this please DEAR?

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