Disassembly - Assign historic unit cost instead of %

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When disassembling a product, I'm required to pre-define the % split of costs across all the sub components. This is constantly changing as we re-order stock. 

Would it be possible for DEAR to add in a feature to process the disassembly at the current unit cost of the sub-component?  

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  • I totally agree, I have also discovered this problem and when using the % the components can still end up a penny out with roundings. When creating a BOM we enter the components at the correct cost per unit so I do not understand why at disassembly it does not 'unpack' them at the same component price. I have to disassemble everything manually and adjust all the costs as i go along which wastes so much time and should be avoidable.

    Can DEAR Systems please look at a solution for this issue?

    Many thanks

  • Is there any plans to find a solution to this issue? I am still wasting so much time when i disassemble a carton of items with 27 pcs in that have the same cost per piece but as there are more of some than others, the costs are calculated on the number of lines in the carton and not the number of pieces so i have to manually change each line so the cost per piece is correct. As we are a menswear retailer - every ctn that comes in always has a mixture of sizes and colours in different quantities of the same style so i can spend days loading the stock on to the DEAR system making the BOM facility almost a waste of time :(

    Many thanks


  • Upvote! Processing disassembly of returns is a real problem because of this.

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2 people like this idea
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