Support for Parent/Child Orders and Order splitting

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We're often faced with having to split orders into multiple boxes for shipping. While DEAR supports this, and presumably the ShipStation integration supports it for carriers that support parent/child tracking numbers (UPS, FedEx, DHL), USPS does not support it...and of course that's our primary shipper right now.

To process these "multi-box" shipments in ShipStation for USPS, we have to split the order in ShipStation, which then creates additional new orders. For example, "INV-1001" will turn into "INV-1001", "INV-1001-1", "INV-1001-2". Individual labels will then be created for each of these orders BUT only the tracking number of the original order "INV-1001" will be synced back to DEAR, and that tracking number will be copied across each "box" line item. This is understandable because DEAR knows nothing about these additional "child" orders created in ShipStation.

Ideally, DEAR would support Parent/Child orders and that would allow us to split a single order into multiple orders, each with one box associated with it. When viewing the parent we'd be able to see all boxes and tracking numbers, when viewing the child we'd be able to the parent order number along with the child order's details.

Only the children would be sent to ShipStation. This would allow ShipStation to sync back tracking numbers for each child, which would then be populated in DEAR in the child records, and then be viewable from within the parent record.

I'm sure there are other applications for this. Perhaps in those instances where an order is created and an item is placed on backorder. When the backorder item becomes "in stock" a child order could be created to send that portion of the original order out. 

Some of this is already discussed in:

Split orders and Backorders

But that thread is more specifically concerned with backorders where I'd like to see the functionality implemented for current orders during the shipping process.

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