Add internal notes to all items (products, suppliers, purchases, sales etc)

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Xero has a hugely useful feature of "Add Note" for all (most) items in the application. You can add as many notes as you want and these all show up in the History listing of the item.

I suggest adding the same for DEAR for all entities (products, suppliers, purchases, sales etc). 

The notes would be for internal use only and could display in the "Activity Logs" section (or a new notes section).

This would be *very* useful!!



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  • This would be great. Ive asked DEAR for this as they basically have the feature enabled when you go to the "New Job" section -

    It would also be good to see which staff member has typed what without having to rely on them writing their name next to each comment.

  • The Description field for products is Public and published in each Marketplace.

    We need a "Internal Notes" field to keep track of whatever info about that product that doesn't fit elsewhere and should not get shared quantity pricing breakdowns, Notes/Reminder for sales rep, common issue, etc.

    This is a 3 line "memo" type feel much like the description field just below it

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