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Our business doesn't quite fit into the "standard" Dear model. We use key phrases in the Notes field to describe the exact status of a particular quote, sales or purchase order.

In any of the list views for both sales and purchases, we ask that you provide a column that shows the sale or order "note" field. We can then see at a glance the current status without having to click on each individual quote, order, purchase order etc.

This could be shown on the dashboard listings and the detail listings for sales and purchases.

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  • This would also be helpful for us who have multiple customer service reps that process orders and need to leave a short note for why the order was left in the status it was.

  • Agreed. 

    Even a Reference field in the supplier box, like is done with Sales Order. This would make it much much easier to identify what the purpose of each PO is, rather than having to click into it every time!!!!!!

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