Search for products which contain items in their Bill of Materials (BOM)

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For a particular SKU (or product name / partial name) I would like to be able to search for the products which contain the referenced search term(s) in the product's Bill of Materials (BOM).

i.e. show all the products which contain a particular SKU in their BOMs.

At the moment, the only way I can work out to do this is to perform the BOM export and do searches by opening up the export in a spreadsheet!! 

There must be a better way! Please.



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  • Yes!  Being able to perform a "Where Used" query on an item, component, sub-assembly, etc. would be a HUGE help.  Parts change, components suffer End-of-Life, engineering substitutes new items - to be able to quickly determine where those things are used (which BOMs include them) would allow for much more efficient analysis of the impact of a change. 

    A "Where Used" query is pretty standard functionality in Inventory / BOM systems, as it's a VERY commonly used function. 

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  • I cannot understand why more people don't need this..... When we need to swap parts out of BOMs it is a labourious process to export the BOM file and search. 

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  • Trudi, I agree. I'm a little unsure of why people don't vote, but as much as I find DEAR excellent as a product, the process for engaging support, proposing a feature etc is not good. It is confusing and I have no confidence that DEAR actually processes & responds to requests in any ordered or systemic way. I could understand if people don't bother voting.

    Their support is excellent. Their process for feature development customer interaction not so good. IMO.

  • This is a really big issue for us as well.  Our typical BOM has over 250 SKUs and doing changes is a nightmare.  We do know its possible to find this data because the support team has helped us find this before when we've had products we could not delete because they were used in a BOM somewhere.  The WHERE USED function is even found in the pathetic quickbooks enterprise edition since 2015 so I'm sure the good folks are Dear are looking at this!

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7 people like this idea
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