Bill of Materials (BOM) hyperlinks to individual component Products

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When viewing / working with a Product's Bill of Materials (BOM) you currently need to maintain another browser tab where you copy-and-paste individual component Product SKUs into the search bar in order to lookup and view for them.

This makes for frustrating usability!

The same applies to Purchases etc.

DEAR badly needs a hyperlink that enables users to open / open in another tab any part that is listed (anywhere in the system).

As a note, I recognise that the field is usually (where editable) a combined SKU / Product Name display / lookup field. For this reason, the hyper link may need to be an icon in an adjacent column rather than in the column itself.

Please DEAR! This is an easy feature to implement but is so frustrating without it.



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  • This linking is now available in Sales and Purchases, so when you save a Sale or Purchase you can hover over and see Product Information and Product Links. Any chance we can get this in the BOM section of the Product as well DEAR? (See attached)

  • This would save a lot of searching and clicking.

    I'd add the ability to open said link in a new tab - it doesn't work in all data grid views for some reason?

  • How

  • DEAR just link my same request in here...

    I can see the first request was 5 years ago! YIKES.

    I hope this is a little quicker

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11 people like this idea
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