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I have been making a list of small changes that would be great, support suggested I post them here. Apologies for lumping them all into one topic:

Purchase order export - The CSV file is automatically named 'BulkUpdatePurchaseOrderLines', could this please be called the purchase order number 'PurchaseOrder3658' I believe this would be more relevant for everyone than 'BulkUpdatePurchaseOrderLines'

Splitting Sales Orders - The system is still not copying the notes field when splitting a sales order. We use this field to filter sales orders by brand/seasons/year etc. Without this, you need to find the original sales order, read the split order number, then find the sales order. I had a ticket on this that said it was done however it doesn't seam to be or possibly removed in an update

Split Sales Orders - The original order adds the new/split 'Unpicked Order #SO-2949' into the note field. Could the new/split sales order number be a hyperlink to the new sales order, ie click on #SO-2949 and it takes you to the order

Split Sales Order, not Authorised - I still don't understand the logic behind Dear not automatically authorising the split/unpicked order. You need to Authorise a sales order to pick, invoice etc. When you split it, the unpicked items are already authorised, why make the user manually authorise the unpicked order. Some reports do not show the unpicked items due to this reason, unnecessarily time consuming in my opinion. Please change this or advise reason why this is not done, thanks.

Credit items on sales order - You cannot enter the name of the item, only the SKU. The sku means nothing to our company therefore we need to select off the drop down list. This is really painful with 100+ line orders. Please make search autofill work by name as well as sku - I have a ticket on this, was advised to post here

Manually close orders - Add the status 'Closed' to sales order and purchase orders. For us seasonal suppliers, once the season is over, the item/sku is no longer available. We have 100's of orders that will never be supplied, with the status ordering, back ordered etc. This also means that these sales orders show up on reports. More importantly, these are popping up on purchase orders when reordering back order stock (when we forget to filter by tags). Suppliers with aged stock are delivery these to us. We are also having to create dummy purchase orders, just to get the back ordered stock out of the system. Perhaps we are not using the system correctly?

Customer Numbers - Not sure what happened to this idea but the request for customer numbers was posted a long time ago, by me of course :) Could this please be looked at, perhaps it's been implemented already?

Deleting sku lines on sales orders - This issue comes and goes with updates, it has been back again for around a year, I have a ticket on this. When deleting line entries on sales orders, the 'sku window' refreshes and goes to the top of the list. Really irritating with 100+ line orders, please fix this.

Auto Add Email Addresses - When emailing sales orders, purchase order, could you please do a auto fill/suggest of the email address, like Outlook does. I believe it just learns from your previous entries. Currently you need to manually add these if there not relevant to the supplier/customer of the order.

Reorder Back Order Total - When you are reordering back order stock, and you have selected your tags or supplier etc and the 4th step populates with the skus to be added to the purchase order, could there please be a total (total units) at the bottom. As it is now, you need to push the reorder button and go to another screen to find out how many units are on the purchase order, then void, then recreate...

Thanks very much, apologies for the long list.

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  • please split these up, so that i can "like" the ideas that would also suit me. it will make it easier for Dear then to prioritise improvements.

  • Customer numbers is discussed (with possible solutions) here

  • Will do this now Michael

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