Invoice Payment Date in reports

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A important feature enhancement to include Invoice Payment Date in standard reports:

- Profit by Sales Representatives - many clients pay incentives to sales staff based on cash received not invoices booked.

- Customer Payment Summary/Details and/or any Sales Report - inclusion would help analysis on payment activity by clients (i.e. days to settle invoices/accounts)

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  • In just the last month, I have bumped into this need for two clients, who pay sales representatives and royalties based on payment status.  That is, the sales rep does not get paid until the invoice is paid in full.  So in addition to the payment date, there should be a way to determine the balance due for the invoice with $0 translating to paid in full.

    As it stands now, the only way to do this that was given to me by DEAR Support is to:

    You may need to run two reports to get the data you needed. These are Customer Payment Summary report and Customer Order by Product report

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6 people like this idea
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