Add support for multiple product descriptions

Right now if you update the catalog from eBay, DEAR will overwrite an existing product's description with the one found in eBay. Since we sell across multiple channels (marketplaces) this isn't a great solution to say the least.

I'd like to see the product "Description" area enhanced to support a separate description for each marketplace. Updating the catalog from eBay, then, would only affect the eBay description. In our case, we'd have three description tabs: Shopify, eBay, and Amazon. Even if DEAR doesn't support pushing a description to Amazon right now, it would be helpful for us to save a description in DEAR for reference.

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  • Yes, this is an important feature. I sell direct to the public through a Shopify website, and to retailers though the B2B portal, and often I want to have a slightly different focus in the product description for each. For example, in my shopify product description I might want to be able to include things like links to different pages on my website, but I don't want these pushed through to my wholesale customers!

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  • Also, a product description for the DEAR B2B Portal would be great. We need the Description for our internal notes, and would love to have a separate section for public Descriptions.

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  • yes we so much want the same 

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