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Can there please be a way to have shipping costs connect to sales orders?

We use ShipStation and have it integrated with DEAR so the tracking number passes through, but in order to really see our profit per sale, we need the shipping cost to come through (since obviously the shipping 'sale' or what the customer pays is on the order).

Is there any plans to get that implemented?!

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  • This would be very useful to understand the real profitability of an order.  

    Did anyone find a good solution to this?

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  • This is a big disconnect in the two systems, and the limited level of integration between Shipstation and DEAR has been a source of disappointment and frustration for our team. 

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  • Hello!

    The Shipstation custom store integration has an option to bring down the shipping costs as well.

  • Yohan, 

    This setting isn't cutting it for us. It only imports the shipping cost from ShipStation by automatically adding it as a line item to an unauthorized invoice. 

    Here are a variety of situations that render the setting useless: 

    1. A WooCommerce store charges flat-rate shipping to customers (and free over a certain threshold); orders are imported to DEAR with fully authorized invoice / pick / pack / ship stages. With the current settings, there is no way to track the true shipping cost in DEAR to determine profit on each sale. 
    2. Some wholesale customers that receive free shipping on their orders; we can't have ShipStation automatically adding a line item to their unauthorized invoices that we then manually have to discount. 
    3. Currently due to other aspects of our work flow (specifically for wholesale customers that are on pre-pay terms) we do not allocate inventory and authorize shipping for certain orders until they are paid...which means, again, the true cost of shipping would never be imported from ShipStation due to the invoice needing to be authorized prior to pick/pack/ship on those pre-pay orders. 

    There needs to be a solution implemented that imports the cost of shipping for each sale into DEAR so that we can track it, independent from what the customer has been charged for it and not as a line item on the invoice. 

  • Hi Danae,

    I have forwarded your feedback to the team.

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