Sell Thru Report

started a topic over 5 years ago

I'd like to request that a true sell thru report is created, instead of having to run long reports checking and unchecking box after box (i.e. withing 'Sale Order Details')...

This report would have the 'To' and 'From' dates based on the invoice date, not the order date. The details (or fields) needed would be 'Family', 'Product' and 'SKU' well as 'Sales Representative' so it can be broken down by sales rep or sales channel. Additionally, since most sell thru reports are done on a weekly or monthly standpoint, having the dates selectable but also have the option to select the 'Month' so quick and easy reports can be run.

Currently the only 'invoiced' order report template is the 'Profit by Sales Representative'. If the above request isn't an option, even if within this report some items were added to 'More Fields' it would serve the report purpose. The additional fields to add would be: Month, Family, Product and SKU.

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