• I'm still struggling with adding in freight costs to purchases.

    While we purchase in foreign currency our costing for the freight is in local currency.

    I can't see how DEAR can handle that at the moment.

    Is it possible?

    If so would love to know how.

    If not...

    I'd love to have the functionality added.

  • Hi Duncan,

    You need to create two separate purchase orders - one for the items in foreign currency and another one for the freight in local currency. In order to add those freight charges to the cost of the items you need to add a manual journal on the first purchase order. Even though your inventory bill is in foreign currency all the manual journals should be done in base currency.

    This article covers landed cost in more details:

    Please let me know if you need further guidance.

  • Thanks,

    I'll have a look into it.

    Are you planning to simplify this process in future?

  • Yes, we are considering to improve this module in the future. However I do not have exact time frame available at the moment.

  • I would also really love to see a way to automatically calculate freight costs on invoices.

    This could be done by importing your freight rates direct from your courier provider into Dear which would include a weight rate and also cubic rate.

    Products would have a weight + volumetric measurement assigned to them so the system would then match which ever value is highest, volumetric or weight therefore creating a freight value.

    I don't see why this would be hard. I use a 3PL warehouse which is soon to intergrate with Dear and it will be the only step stopping my order process from being fully automated from Customer order to customer receiving order.

    Manually looking up freight rates and inputting them on to an invoice is so time consuming!  

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  • +1 Freight Calculator or between freight TMS integration would be amazing!

  • Hello!

    Please refer to shipping zones in regards to this topic:

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