Feature Request - New Product Type: Finished Good

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We are a Food & Beverage Manufacturer with over 1300 SKUs in DEAR. Many SKUs are Raw Materials and Supplies, and some are third-party products that we stock and re-sell. But 200 SKUs are Finished Goods that we manufacture.

Complicating matters is the fact that some of these Finished Goods are fresh pressed Juices and Milks that we make-to-order overnight, based on daily Sales Orders. This means that Sales Orders _trigger_ our nightly production---rather than us producing in anticipation of Sales. 

Even if we produced to a certain capacity in anticipation of Sales, our Juices and Milks have a very short shelf life of only 1-2 days. So, it is still very likely that we will encounter overlaps where Sales are driving new production orders.

My issue is that right now in DEAR, when a Sales Order can't be Authorised because some items are out-of-stock, this triggers the ability to Backorder the stock, but not to the ability to Create New Assembly Jobs for the Finished Goods that we manufacture.

At best, it's an extra step to Backorder from ourselves. At worst, it mixes our Production concerns with our Purchasing concerns in a way that makes them hard to disentangle.

I've been informed that ticking "Auto-Assemble" on a Product will create a New Assembly Job when out-of-stock. (Have not seen this working yet---if anyone has an example, that would be very helpful.)

I've also been informed that any Products _without_ Suppliers associated will _not_ receive Backorders.

However, my feeling is that the workflows would be clearer---and the logic simpler---if there was a distinct Product Type of Finished Good added to the existing values of Stock and Service. 

With this value, when any Product of type Finished Good is out-of-stock on a Sales Order, "Backordering" the product would create a New Finished Good Assembly Job, so that our Production team can quickly assess its made-to-order workload.



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3 people like this idea
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