Combined invoice

started a topic about 5 years ago

The new release of DI adds enables printing of combined pick and pack list for shipments containing goods from multiple sales orders using the bulk actions functionality. This is a big step forward for users making consolidated shipments and saves us time previously wasted pasting multiple docs together in Adobe Acrobat.

The fly in the ointment seems to be the lack of a combined invoice. This is the document usually called "commercial invoice" which is presented to customs to import the consolidated shipment. Typically multiple invoices are not acceptable of incur additional processing fee. Of course the reason we consolidated was to save cost.

I'm not sure this missed the development roadmap....are there really businesses who want to ship but not invoice? charities?

  • I just checked back.... wow, one year since I submitted. That's a long time for the DI guys to focus on ignoring it :-(
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