Stock Locator in the Pick View or Grid

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Could we please get Stock Locator added in the Pick View or Grid, This would make it easier during the pick process.

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  • Stock Locator and BINS seems like it was never completely developed? Currently when assigning been to a Warehouse, they show up under the "Default Location" pulldown box in the form of "Warehouse : Bin Identifier" which is essentially a design flaw or bug and unusable, but the Default Location pulldown box should only show to warehouses. Bins should then populate the "Stock Locator" field based on selection in the Default application for warehouse and a plus button to add additional bins. 

    Further, Stock Locator needs to be incorporated into the Inventory/Products and take and Inventory Adjustment Grid views and lists as well as ALL of the reports. At least it should be able to be added as a custom field to the reports especially Products Level Report and Products Low on Stock report.

    The current design and implementation of Bins and Stock Location are completely unusable and pointless. The only way to see the stock location is actually open up the product details for editing in the product view.  this only adds complexity with no functional benefits.

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  • Yes, I am struggling to use the Bins and or Stock Locator fields. Needs a whole redesign around this area it seems.

  • I would also love to be able to see the stock locators in the availability tab so you can see at a glance where your products are. 

  • Just emailed Dear and confirmed there has been no improvement on this issue. Any recommendations on how to work around this issue? We need to be able to provide stock locations for our shipping employees. 



  • Hello Dear, can you please add the stock locator. It would be a 10 min work for you that would save tons of time for all your customers. 

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  • Agree. Can this be added please. Heavily requested by potential clients.

  • Is there any update on this over 5 years? $400/month for a INVENTORY system and stock locator is unworkable.

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4 people like this idea
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