Allow email to be sent via our own SMTP server

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We still get occasional deliverability problems (even with the new 'sent by Dear' option).

Our company uses Google Apps for Work and email is sent signed from our domain. It would be great if we could send email from Dear using our own email account.

This could be added as an option if the required credentials are completed in settings. (e.g. we are able to send email via our Google SMTP account from Wordpress using a plugin like this: )

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  • I've mentioned before the DKIM process would address most issues.

    Enabling this on Mailchimp substantially increased deliverability.

  • Thanks for the input Rod - I'm aware of DKIM - but for the emails coming from Dear, that's something they would have to do I think? (If there is something we could do, then do let me know and I can update relevant DKIM records in out DNS...)

    It would be great to be able to send email form our own email account as originally suggested, both from a deliverability and professionalism perspective.

  • The whole area of spam management is a nightmare. Even DEAR support have bounced emails from me because they contained a reserved word like "bug".

    I'm no expert but my understanding is that DKIM allows 3rd party domains to be authorised to send email on behalf of your domain and allow the receiver to confirm this by looking up a record in your DNS. A such, it requires actions by both you and your emailing agent (like DEAR).

    I have not had any real issues with deliverability but the whole concept of emailing financial records makes me a bit uneasy as it is so easy to overlook actioning them. I have one large supplier who has missed some emailed purchase orders. One solution might be to use an email to fax gateway (I use and I might try replacing their email with a utbox email so they get a fax instead of an email.


  • We currently use Mandrill for transactional emails from our website and other systems.

    It would be wonderful if Dear could enable a setting to allow us to use Mandrill for transactional emails from Dear.

    We're still getting deliverability issues and it's very frustrating due to suppliers missing Purchase orders and customers not getting Invoices.

  • DEAR, please do something about this. I am a new user and found that none of my suppliers were receiving my emails. Even if I can give them IPs to not block, the fact that the system generated email isn't the same as the one that the email is being "sent" from causes a lot of issues. 

    I am having to send my POs to my email and forwarding them to my suppliers. =(

  • Hello!

    Please confirm if you have tried the below options? Setting it non "system" options might help here.

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