Email Users when DEAR is not working

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Email Users when DEAR is not working.

It's obviously extremely frustrating when DEAR stops working.

It's even more frustrating when we have no way of contacting DEAR...

How do we know if they know?

How do we know when it will be online again?

I've been told previously that outages only affect a select few users... but I'm not entirely convinced by that.

A short email stating that the service is down, we are working on it, and expect to have it back up and running in X Minutes, Hours, Days etc would go a long way towards re assuring users who have no way of knowing whats going on.

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  • I would also love an email from DEAR to affected users when DEAR is not working.  I'm currently unable to connect to DEAR (17 May 2016) and it's been over an hour since I submitted a support ticket and it hasn't even been assigned to a customer service agent yet.  It is disconcerting to have no idea what's going on with DEAR at times like these when we rely so heavily on it for operations.


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2 people like this idea
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