• YES....

    You can put the supplier name in the top right search window... should work, not perfect, but workable.

    I'd like to see inventory and availability by supplier in the same report.

    Would be a big help for re ordering.

  • OK.... Not all items have the supplier listed in a field.

    If you haven't put the supplier into another field (as well as into the item in the first place)... you cannot report by supplier.

    If DEAR could make a default supplier for each item (from the information already in the item card) and create an inventory report for each item would be a very big help.

    Sales reports by supplier would also be a big plus.

    For those of us who only have one supplier for each item this would seem to be obvious.

  • YEEEES please - when you come to re-order inventory there is no report that I can find that lets you see what inventory levels are for a given supplier.  It isn't uncommon for each supplier to have multiple products they supply.

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  • Also need a report that shows items and the useage - that is "product used per month "- need that information to know what and how much product to order.

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  • Yes please! Stock Level report filtered by supplier is vital. Often we have minimum order levels to achieve to fill a pallet, get free freight or a discount from a supplier and need to see what else is low in their products apart from what was been triggered by the below reorder level. 

    Also a report showing units moved by month report would be fantastic. As some products are seasonal and need to see the history from last summer beofre we order for the coming summer.

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