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I would like to let you know about some things we lack in the system in order to improvement it and suit our needs:

1) We cannot give access to the sales reps to the average cost. However they need to have access to the product's files/card so they can see some information about the item (except for the average cost) - how can we work on that? If it is not possible to hide the average cost from the product card, where can we add some information about each product so they can check it? They need to see the prices (they are sales reps), but not the average cost!!!!

2) Have a feature where we can see all our Unprocessed orders only (by sales rep) without having all our quotes & the complete invoices on Screen (not in the reports, because the sales reps cannot have access to the reports);

3) Be able to give raise a picking list when we don’t have the goods available in the warehouse so they know what we are buying and waiting for;

4) Be able to work out how much we have invoiced in one month without showing all our completed invoices from the previous month (outside the reports; the sales reps do not have access to the reports);

5) Be able to see on one screen all the orders (by sales rep) that we have entered into the system that have not been invoiced . On that same screen the orders that have deposits against them if not an amount of zero, so Total amount of Invoice and Deposit. Also a notes where we can reference if they are indent orders or not for example;

6) Is there a way that when we filter and log of and on the filter stays active, so we don’t have to go through the process of filtering again?

7) We need to be able to add total up sales that have been invoiced for a certain period etc in order to do reports or track our budgets (outside the reports);

8) Be able to filter by sales reps in the " Sales view all";

9) Be able to type the date on the "pick list" stage, because the pick list does not happen on the same date as the proforma, invoice or ship ones.

We are trying to marry up the program to suit our needs. Hope you can help us - please. Our Director is not happy with the system at all...specially with the reports it provides!

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  • Hello DearSystems.

    Yes, we would need these points also for our requirements.

    1) Yes. Strongly agreed!

    8) Yes.

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2 people like this idea
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