"Compare at Price" in Shopify to be populated by a Tier price

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Shopfiy has a "Compare at Price" field which currently can not be populated.  Please make it possible to choose a pricing Tier and automatically populate this value into the "Compare at Price" field in Shopify for all listed products.

I want to set up a 10% discount for buying online though shopify.  My Tier 1 price is regular retail price (100%).  My Tier 2 price is the online price (90%).  I have got my Tier 2 price to populate the "Price" field in Shopify and it works.  I want my Tier 1 price to populate the "Compare at Price".  Then customers at the Shopify site will be able to see the discount they get off regular retail price.

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  • Agree this would be useful! We have to do this all manually right now.

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  • DEAR Support,

    This functionality is possible within the WooCommerce integration where we can set a Regular Price Tier and a Sale Price Tier, would be great to see it rolled out to Shopify as well - unless this is not an accessible part of Shopify's API.

    I agree with Phill - Price Tier 1 should populate the "Compare At" price and Price Tier 2 should populate the "Price" in Shopify.

    Having two separated price tiers also ensures that DEAR will not override any Sale Prices set in Shopify if an update of product data is pushed out of DEAR.

    We are needing to tell clients to manage prices in Shopify separately at the moment, this is creating more potential for issues if the product is on sale in Shopify and updates need to be made to it. Would be great to control the Shopify sale price from DEAR.

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3 people like this idea
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