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Please add options for specific buyer details on the Purchase Order e.g BuyerName, BuyerPhone, BuyerFax, BuyerEmail similar to the options available under the Sale Process i.e. SalesRepresentative, etc. so that the person creating a PO can be identified on the PO.

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  • Not sure why this feature has never been advanced further, seems like an obvious one.

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  • Can you please add this feature. There is no way to find who is generating a PO unless you go to the log. 

    Would like to be able to print on the purchase order templates as well. 

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  • Mergefield “MyName” is maped to the Default Billing Company contact. For now we can use Attributes to work around the “problem!”. BuyerName,BuyerPhone,BuyerEmail,BuyerJobTitle... we are left with 6 free attributes.
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3 people like this idea
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