Barcode Options - Need More Variety

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Currently, the only barcode format available for printing tags etc is the Code 39 format.  While it is a widely used and acceptable format, it's usage can be limited due to SIZE of the barcode output.

Please add the Code 128 barcode format to the list of available options.

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  • I'd like to see QR code, PDF417 support as well as Code 128. Amazon uses QR code and PDF417 support to summarize package contents on the outside of each box that is shipped in for FBA. PDF417 is supported in that case and it's quite possible that this requirement (the inclusion of a box manifest in a barcode) will become mandatory in the future after being introduced last year. It's cumbersome to generate those codes at the moment and would be awesome if DEAR could support that as part of an overhauled stock transfer feature (where if you're sending inventory to an FBA warehouse you could have the option to print a PDF417 for each box).

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  • For those who use Shopify POS, Code 39 won't work it needs to be Code 128 Auto.  Having the option to set to Code 128 Auto instead of Code 39 (incidentally it uses a lot less space) is sort of necessary for a good Shopify integration.

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  • I know this will mess up the collected votes for this feature but I created a new thread to request overall improvements to barcode support:

    Improved barcode support

    In short, DEAR has great support for barcodes now, but it needs a lot more and that includes both support for generating barcodes, as well as scanning them.

  • Multiple barcodes for one product required please

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  • Jarred - Good idea on multiple barcodes for one product.  I would recommend that you create a separate feature request for it so that it gets the attention it deserves instead of being buried as a comment in another feature request.  Best case, come back to this thread and add the link to the additional feature requests so that people can find it.

  • Jarred - I just saw that you added the multiple barcodes request to the Improved barcode support feature request that Mark started, so maybe that is enough.  :-)

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