Decimal Places On Reports

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Would be good to have decimal places options on reports (i.e. show to 0 decimal places, 2 decimal places, 4 decimal places etc.)

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  • Yep... those extra Zeros tae up valuable space on our invoices.

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  • Please provide options for number of decimal places.

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  • +1 here

  • It is frustrating for some businesses to have many decimal places in the reports, for example for quantities, when they only deal in eaches.   Having all the extra zeros in every value column makes the report difficult to read.  Please implement this.

    To clarify, by reports, I am talking the Reports module, not the document templates.  (The document templates we can control.)




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  •  Reports Only! I agree with Stan

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  • I totally agree that there should be option for decimal points for qty on report

    Especially stock quantity, majority of stock items are dealt with in box, each... very rarely we have 0.0001 of an item!!

    Any timeframe for this to be implemented?

    Please escalate this feature ASAP

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  • Hi All,

    We are happy to announce that this feature has now been developed and available in Production.

    Please find the release note here:

    Best Regards,

    Heshan - DEAR Systems

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13 people like this idea
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