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The Product SKU is supposed to be a UNIQUE identifier for one product...and that product only.

Why then, when we invoice an item by its SKU does DEAR make us look through a whole lot of other items that have completely different SKUs?

When you have many invoices with 30 plus line items it sure makes for a whole lot of un necessary extra work that could easily be eliminated by DEAR recognisind that a UNIQUE SKU is in fact a UNIQUE SKU.

DEAR... can you please offer the option.. "Invoice by SKU"?

I would have thought that would be so obvious that it didn't need to be requested!

  • Hi Duncan,

    We have pointed out the issue with your SKU setup previously. The issue stems from the fact that you have SKUs consisting of multiple letters with spaces which are not connected in any way, this causes the search engine to perform multiple searches for the various letters as it considers these separate words, this slows down the search and also returns results which may not directly match the specific SKU. Improving your SKUs will result in much better searches.

    Thank you

    DEAR Support

  • Hi Simon,

    Thanks for your reply.

    "Improving your SKUs will result in much better searches".

    My response to that is of course....

    "Improving your SEARCH ENGINE will result in much better searches!!!!!

    We haven't had this problem with XERO.. and we never had it with MYOB, so I guess we are just expecting that DEAR will aim to match the quality of product of its peers and competitors.

    Is that a reasonable expectation for DEAR users to have?

    I'm sure you can appreciate that it's not a small issue for us to change well over 1000 SKUs as we would need to do this across all of our platforms.

    The SKUs have history associated with them.

    From a user perspective it would be make sense for DEAR to improve it's product offering. 

    I'm aware that one of my staff members was told we needed to change one of our SKUs because DEAR only shows the first 50 results.

    The Skus in question contained the letters WOOD. 

    Many of our items names contain the word "wooden".. and it seems whilst DEAR is searching through the product names it came up with many results for the word wooden and chose to return those as well.

    The question for me is.... why is DEAR searching through the product NAMES in the first place?

    To say its because we have spaces in our codes is just a cop-out in my opinion.

    Why does it does display the results of it's search alphabetically based of the product Name and not the SKU?

    Looking forward to a recognition from you that DEAR needs to improve its search function to a more robust one capable of working with SKUs such as ours and a time frame in which you aim to implement the upgrade.

    Kind Regards

    Duncan Millar

  • Hi Duncan,

    Thank you for your suggestions. The change to the new search engine was made at the beginning of the year due to requests from our users. Unfortunately we will not be implementing any changes to the SKU search as this will affect a large number of users who would like to search by product name and SKU.

    Thank you


    DEAR Support

  • Thanks for your quick reply.

    Have you considered making a separate “Product Name” field so that users wanting to search by "Product Name" could so?

    I can appreciate that it can be useful to search for products by names etc..... and that you don't want to do away with that functionality.

    But the SKU is supposed to be the Unique identifier... for an item.

    Thats why we have them!!!

    I really don't think its good enough to just say "change your codes" because our system doesn't like them.

    A powerful, industry leading inventory solution should be able to recognise a code like "B A 300 A".

    Does DEAR aim to be a powerful, industry leading inventory solution?

    I wonder.



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