Reorder up to Maximum Inventory Level, not fixed Reorder Quantity

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It doesn't seem useful in our business for Reorder Quantity to be a fixed number. Instead, the quantity on a PO should calculated to be whatever is necessary to get inventory up to a "Maximum Inventory Level". If Stock Level is less than Minimum Before Reorder, then purchase Maximum Inventory Level minus Stock Level.

For example for a product:

Minimum before reorder is 50

Maximum Inventory Level is 100

Available is 30

Low Stock Reorder should create a PO for a quantity of 70.

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  • DEAR,

    That would be great if you would paste the upcoming algorythm you are going to implement here so that we can comment on why it works or not for us. If you implement things and there is something missing then you only come back to this feature years later it won't help.

    How about sharing it or have selected BETA tester before implementation?

    This is a core feature who deserve attention to details.



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18 people like this idea
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