Reorder up to Maximum Inventory Level, not fixed Reorder Quantity

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It doesn't seem useful in our business for Reorder Quantity to be a fixed number. Instead, the quantity on a PO should calculated to be whatever is necessary to get inventory up to a "Maximum Inventory Level". If Stock Level is less than Minimum Before Reorder, then purchase Maximum Inventory Level minus Stock Level.

For example for a product:

Minimum before reorder is 50

Maximum Inventory Level is 100

Available is 30

Low Stock Reorder should create a PO for a quantity of 70.

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  • This is a good idea, it makes far more sense, the most logical process is to show the maximum inventory level within the PO, then you can make a simple calculation. It maybe that you just need to tweak the qty's to reach a certain threshold for carriage free order or MOQ's

  • Definitely. The way it works at the moment doesn't really make sense. It means that you have to think about the stock levels you need and add up what you have in stock with what your stock levels should be. 

    For me, it means that I can't hand it over to an assistant without double checking that she's thought it through. 

    Stock reordering should be a no brainer. 

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  • This is a great idea - together with merging ReOrder and ReOrder back ordered stock.

    Ideally a simple table for any item were more stock should be purchased to fulfill existing orders and bring stock levels back to preferred levels.

    Fixed quantity reorder has a place for things coming in set quantities - accordingly a stock range e.g At least 100 but no more than 130 - order in sets of 25 (items in a bag) so if stock was 37, system would suggest 3 lots of 25 so 75 would be ordered  

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  • When creating a purchase order, it would be good to see for each line item the currently available stock level as well.

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  • We also aim to maintain certain inventory levels and the reorder system is very clunky for what we are looking for.  Please implement this.

  • So 3 years along and adding this feature has progressed how far? Come on Dear, this should not be too hard.

  • After all, what would Dear users know? I've lost track of the number of workarounds that we have had to put in place to make things work.

    I truly believe that Dear has a great system but there are some no-brainers that are just so obvious if they sat down with their users and experienced actual use cases. Crikey - we would do it for free if they only paid attention.

    For example, reorders and backorders. We have to manually merge the two together each time we process. Normally we will let the stock reorder sit until we have a backorder - which then triggers the immediate need to order along with stock reorders.

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  • I agree that lack of auto ordering is HUGE and a reason we keep looking around for a better system ! DEAR is great in so many ways. DEAR are so responsive on so many issues, but this "hole" makes day to day SO much harder. Inventory management is 1) knowing what stock you have (why is availability not visible in more places - eg product details ?!? ) 2) Selling stock  3) buying more stock to replenish (e.g. getting stock back to preferred levels ) - REPEAT.    it's Fundamental - PLEASE at least give us a date for this work. 

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  • You are all 100% right on this. The good news is that they are actively working on the reorder capabilities right now. They do a pretty good job of posting things on their roadmap ( Have a look at "Smart Reordering."

    I am right with you in your frustration. We use the API to pull data to google sheets, do our reorder calcs over there, then send the data back to DEAR for the actual PO generation and tracking. It's a pain.

    I will say, Smart Reordering may not actually do this min/max reordering that it sounds like everyone thinks they want, but velocity, safety margin, etc is ultimately a more powerful set of tools than a simple min/max.

  • Gary Pacey

    Please paste your use cases in this thread so we can discuss in more details.

  • My understanding of the use case is this:

    Product A has a reorder min = 10, reorder qty = 10

    Current behavior:

    • Available qty = 5
    • On Order = 0
    • Qty automatically added to the PO is reorder qty, which = 10 in this case.

    This will bring the current available qty up to 15.

    Desired behavior:

    • Available qty = 5
    • On Order qty =0
    • Qty automatically added to the PO is 15 (reorder min + reorder qty - available qty - On Order qty).

    This will bring the current available qty up to 20.

    This is more commonly referred to as a min/max inventory approach and while the math isn't difficult, it does take extra time. Additionally it is another step in the process that is being manually touched which means there's another place for errors to be introduced.


    • On the Reorder screen, add a Backorder column that shows for the line item, the number required to satisfy backorders. This will effectively merge Backorders into Reorder.
    • When entering a purchase order draft, show columns for ON HAND and AVAILABLE so that a judgement call can be made without looking elsewhere.
    • When entering a purchase order draft, show an additional column for the units sold over the last previous 30, 60 or 90 days. This will allow an adjustment to be made based on stock turns.

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  • Hello Dear, any update on this one? I have been looking at Smart Reordering also, but not sure that does what we need (may have to log a ticket for that to clarify with you).

  • I can't find this initiative in the development roadmap. Have Dear abandoned this?

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