Add Shipping Costs for Warehouse transfer to COGS

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I'd like to the option to add the freight cost between our overseas warehouse and our local warehouse into the COGS of assembled products imported at the point of performing the warehouse transfer.

Currently the only way to achieve this is creating an interim assembly, & adding freight in as a product item before performing the warehouse transfer. It's too many extra steps, and extra products required.

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  • I am new to Dear but this would be really valuable to us also, we currently contract manufacture overseas and it is very difficult to add the international freight costs. We buy our raw materials and ship to SEA where the manufacturing is done. We own the goods in SEA and then ship either to our customers or to our Warehouse from there. 

    We cannot easily allocate freight on the transfer once the manufacturing is complete. We don't even know the freight until after manufacture.

    Any help on a work around or having this added would be great.


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  • Please add this feature!

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6 people like this idea
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