Merge Codes in Email Subject line

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It would be very useful to be able to insert Merge codes for Sales Order Number And Customer Reference (eg. Purchase Order #) into the subject line via a Merge code.

One of my bigger clients finds current email confirmations VERY confusing as all email titles are identical.

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  • +1 for this. Email subject should be:

    Invoice for your #SO-NUMBER-HERE# order with COMPANY

    same for Purchase orders please.

    Very important especially if using Gmail as a client since replies get lost in huge 'conversations'. (And no - turning off conversation view is not a good option)

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  • If it makes it easier to implement, this doesn't need to be a configurable 'merge field' - just include the Purchase or Sales order number automatically in the Subject line.

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  • Agree with Tom that there is no need to do this by configurable merge codes. However, I think it will need to be done this way as the Form Email Subject  is user configurable.  Perhaps a blank Email subject field in the form triggers a default subject line that includes SO and PO #'s as a quick fix.

    100% agree with Tom on the Gmail conversation problem. Because I use Google Apps for business, I find  replies to PO's and SO's very difficult to unwind as conversations with various clients/suppliers get badly messed up in one massive conversation. I flagged this problem on another thread earlier today....

    It would be great to see this fixed at the earliest opportunity...

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  • I posted this on another thread but thought it should be repeated here for completeness.

    Great work adding the ability to insert Invoice, SO and PO numbers into the email subject line. Thank you for taking on board my suggestion.

    Some feedback after reading the release notes and finally finding the time to give it a go. 

    I did not find it very intuitive but eventually hovered over the little i icon beside the email subject and then I was in business. A larger and more descriptive icon would assist the user experience.

    Also, it would be great if the merge code was inserted at the current cursor position instead of always at the end of the field. (It was not too hard to do a bit of cut and paste to move it to where I wanted). Often the merge code was inserted off the screen because of the current pasting method and fairly short field input box length.

  • Hi All,
    Users are now able add merge fields like invoice number, contact name, invoice date etc as email subject by clicking on highlighted codes at manage Documents screen

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