Maximum quantity possible for kits and bundles (auto-assembly)

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Please add one more parameter to product availability report - maximum quantity possible for auto-assembled items.

For sales channels there should be an option to choose to update quantities based on available quantity or based on calculated maximum possible availability. So this should resolve the issue with 0 quantities for bundles.

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  • Similar to above:

    Bundle 1 - 10

    Bundle 2 - 10

    +1 to Stan's point about recursive availability. We have a product that is itself assembled from a set of assembled products. 

  • Everyone is right:

    Bundle 1: 10
    Bundle 2: 10


  • once this feature is up and running, we are interested in making the switch over from tradegecko

  • Really really need this feature. Please implement ASAP. I saw there was a commitment in this thread to schedule this feature for development but it does not appear on the development roadmap:

    Please advise.



  • This feature is implemented and will be rolled out as part of big update scheduled to happen after new year holidays. available quantity for kits will be shown on drop down in sale form, in product availability and will be synced to any eCommerce and POS channels integrated whenever any component's quantity change automatically.

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  • It looks like this feature is planned to become available with the release this coming weekend!  

    Release notes here:

    Release notes specific to this feature:

    Availability calculations performance improved throughout the system. Potential kit quantity calculations introduced

    Stock availability calculations have been enhanced for better performance.
    Potential available quantities for kits/assemblies (when Auto-assembly is enabled in Bill of Materials) is now automatically calculated per location in all relevant places and updates integrations when quantity of components changes.



    ProductAvailability endpoint now has additional Available field providing info about normal and potential kits products.

  • The original feature request on this is for the Availability search to include results in the 'Available' column for auto-assembly products where the BOM components are in stock.

    I would like to request that this logic is extended to the 'On Order' column whereby results are included for auto-assembly products where the BOM components are on Purchase. 

    If a Product includes components which are purchased from different Suppliers, the 'Next Delivery' column could reference the 'Required by' date of the latest purchase required in order to complete the components for the auto-assembly

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13 people like this idea
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