Add Price, Cost, and Margin to Inventory Display Columns

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This is the page I am referring to.

To have pricing display on this page would be super helpful in fielding customer sales inquiries at a moments notice.  There is already the ability to customize the columns, it seems like it would be an easy feature add.  Right now it doesn't seem like there is any way to explore pricing or cost in the inventory tab.

Thanks for the consideration!

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  • I would also like to be able to see pricing from the inventory screen. I would add to this by also asking to see inventory levels as a possible column as well. Is there a way to save a preferred layout? There are columns I rarely need to see, and if adding pricing and inventory levels adds all price tiers and all locations, it would get tedious to re-select which columns to show. It would be great to be able to save the layout preferences for each display screen.

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  • I feel that a search of item by SKU, its availability and price are the core basics of a good Inventory management system...

    A user should have this info at their fingertips in order to answer customer enquiries at a moments notice....

    without having to click on multiple screens and run reports etc.

    Very surprised DEAR doesn't offer this.

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  • Hi Nicole,

    I asked support about saving layouts inthe reports.

    I was told that you don't need to "save" anything as it does it by itself.

    So far I haven't managed to work that one out....

    Not sure if it's not working or I'mnot doing it right.

    Of course a "Save Layout" button would avoid the ambiguity and save us all a lot of hassle.

    Please let me know if you work it out...

    Maybe DEAR will even reply to the thread an clarify it for both of us?

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  • It's not the report I want to save layouts for though; it's the main search inventory screen. Within inventory items, the layout seems to save? I noticed this for product families. Once I select the columns I want to see, it seems to stick around (but only for that particular product family). I'm still working on getting our integration working properly, so I haven't been able to play with the systems that much yet. 

  • The main search Inventory screen wont do it...

    Availabiliy is a separate window :(

    You have to click on the item to see the price.

    There a whole load of things in DEAR that you'd assume a system so powerful can do....but it cant.

    Good Luck!

  • Hi all,

    Thank you for your suggestions, we recently released an update adding Price Tiers to the Availability screen which should meet most of your requirements. The layout of the screen is generally preserved automatically without the need to save. What browser do you use Nicole?


  • Shows how much I'm still learning about the system. The availability screen is EXACTLY what I was looking for :) Thank you! Looking forward to figuring all of this out and managing a tight shop!

  • Hi Simon & All,

    Thank you for adding the Price Tiers to the Availability and I see that now we can also export this into XLS which a good step forward. 

    Following on this thread's intention of wanting to get a bird's eye view on our inventory while talking to our customers.  Another step towards this would be to:

    1) Add Available Quantity to Reports > Inventory Reports Price List.

    Dear's allows limitless Product Attributes to help us add information about our inventory but no where can we see this customisable data with Available Quantity numbers.  Location would be good too.

    For example, we sell fine wine.  Often to close a sale, our sales staff tell our customers about the ratings on a wine which we have stored in an Attribute.  A customer may choose another vintage of a wine with a higher rating over another for a similar price.

    2) Add Product Attributes to the Availability Screen.  And allow this to be exported in Excel.

    Would be another option as well.

    Thank you for consideration.

  • Adding Margins onto the Product Availability report would be very beneficial to me! 

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