Email templates for overdue invoice

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I would like to be able to:

  • Have a second "Sales Invoice" email template for when an invoice is overdue
  • Be able to choose at the emailing stage (not the Customer update stage) who the email is being sent to
  • Hi Sarina Mueller, actually an ability to have an additional email template is already available. Email templates are customizable the same way as invoice templates. Please check this video for more details:

    Please contact for assistance.

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  • How did I miss that?  Thanks.  So to achieve what I'm after, am I understanding correctly that I need to add a new document template (uploading the same invoice file) and then update the email template.  That means that the "Overdue Invoice" email is actually sending a newly created "Overdue Invoice xxx.pdf" rather than the existing "Invoice xxx.pdf".  I can't actually have a second email template attached to the Invoice template?

  • Hi Sarina. Yes, you are correct. You need to create a separate Invoice template for overdue invoices and attached email template message to it.

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