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DEAR Telephone

started a topic about 8 years ago

Sometimes we really need to be able to pick up a telephone and talk to someone at DEAR.

Like since the DEAR server went down again on Saturday and our integration with XERO has been down.

Dear told us to wait until the server was up again....

Which we did reluctantly...

Now the Synch still isn't working...

And DEAR has gone AWOL.

Why doesn't DEAR provide a telephone number s w can sort these things out ASAP?

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  • I absolutely agree! Very frustrating when Dear has bugs/technical issues that you have to lodge a query and be advised that you will receive an email within 24 hours.... lift your game Dear.


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  • 100% agree - its our financial year end, and the system is doing an update - great just what we need!

    No notice, and now we cant finished what we needed to do today, and no way of contacting anyone with the exception of a support ticket which takes way too long!

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11 people like this idea
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