Manual Invoicing without unrelated suggestions

started a topic over 5 years ago

Manual Invoicing is painfully slow.

When we type in an SKU it is because that is the correct SKU.

It would save a lot of time if we didn't have to then go trolling through a whole lot of other SKUs which are not the SKU we typed....or even close to it and select the SKU we typed again.

Dear...please allow us to simply type the SKU into the Invoice without giving us all the unrealated options...they just waste our time!

  • It seems like the options that appear are arranged in alphabetical order by product name.

    If the selection were to be done in alphabetic order by SKU this would make much more sense to us.

  • Hello DEAR,

    We submitted this request over a month ago...

    Still no reply from you?

    Have yo looked at it?

    Considered it?

    Sometimes we laugh at the number of totally irrelvant results DEAR gives us when we search for an exact SKU.

    Is it really so hard to generate Alpha Numeric Results?

    All our codes are generated to work with Alpha Numeric SKUs.

    MYOB and XERO both work on Alpha Numeric SKUs, 

    I understand that Unleashed does too?

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