Syncing of Xero Tracking Codes

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While the syncing process between DEAR and Xero seems to work reasonably well, the recent improvement to map DEAR fields to Xero Tracking IDs needs some more work.

This addition has saved us a lot of time after the sync with XERO when we had to go through every P&L entry synced and add the Xero tracking ID (Business unit).

The problem is that we map the Location in DEAR to Business Unit in Xero but not every table in DEAR has Location so not everything can be mapped.

Our biggest problem is in Jobs where this means that COGS entries that sync across need to be dealt with manually in Xero to add the Business Unit.

The problem could be solved by either

  • Add the "Location" field to the Job header or
  • Allow multiple DEAR fields to be mapped to the Xero Tracking ID - i.e. the existing "Project Manager" field could be used to store the location.


Perhaps there needs to be a generic field available in all headers to be used only to store the Xero Tracking ID.

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  • We use product attributes at the moment to map to tracking categories which don't sync into COGS entries.
  • I also hope that Locations can be expanded to allow for attribute sets.

  • I also would like to be able to map COGS to tracking categories.  For example, using product "Categories" to map to a tracking category in Xero

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3 people like this idea
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