Shipping Address defaults to check box - please change

started a topic almost 6 years ago

Below was my question to support. I was told to ask for this feature to be considered, hence my posting

In the sales order process when adding a new shipping address, a pop-up box appears with "Default for type" already ticked (see attached screen shot in word). This means that this becomes the default delivery address next time a sales quote/order is raised for that customer. We are finding that when employees are in a hurry to get orders out they do not always check the shipping address as they expect it to be the usual one as opposed to one that was used last time. This has led to goods being shipped to the wrong place on numerous ocassions. 

How can we get this pop-up "add address box" to appear without the "Default for type" box ticked and hence the last address entered will not automatically be the address populated in the shipping fields next time a sales order is raised ?



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