Ability to prevent editing of Authorised Sales Orders & Invoices on Dear

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This request is critical to avoid creating discrepencies between account values on Dear and account values on Xero when the systems are used together.

I have noticed that when a Sales Order and / or the resultant invoice are authorised on Dear, that anyone who has permission to authorise invoices on that Dear account can return to this authorised invoice and alter the Tax Rate on the details on the Sales Order and/or the invoice. 

There are two places where Tax Rates can be edited. I am not speaking about the one at the top half of the page called "*Tax Exclusive" (which seems to have no effect when it is changed). I am referring to the "Tax Rule" heading on the Order item line itself.

Issue with Xero:

Xero also allows editing of approved invoices, provided no payment is captured against the invoice on Xero. So in the above scenario, the client orders and pays for 10 of a particular item and the price includes VAT. The payment is captured on Xero and the invoice can then not be updated on Xero without the payment being removed.

So when someone in our organisation comes along and edits the authorised invoice on Dear, changes the VAT rate to 0% VAT on Sales (which we have charge to overseas clients) and then authorises it again with a different total value, Dear cannot update the corresponding invoice details on Xero. Xero will refuse to update the invoice because it has a payment captured against it. So we now have two different invoice totals for the same invoice number, one total on Dear and the other on Xero.


1. Do not allow editing of authorised invoices or Sales Orders. If an edit must be made, there is an Undo button which will allow for the SO and invoice to be "Unauthorised" and then redone correctly.

2. Add a tick box under "Users and Permissions" as follows:

"Allow Authorised Sales Order information to be edited"

"Allow Authorised Invoices to be edited".

(My preference would be for the above to not allow ANY editing of an approved Sales Order, including fields such as Sales Rep and Tax Rate which appear at the top half of the page - which are currently open to editing).

There may be reasons that I don't know about for allowing the editing, so if you could add the suggestion under my Solution 2 above, that would fulfil all my needs in this regard.

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3 people like this idea
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