Predefined text for Quote and Invoice note

started a topic over 5 years ago

As I don't want to give it into template and edit it when needed, It would be great to have to possibility to have a predefined text for Notes in the process. Most of the time we send the same note to customers, just change it a little bit. Now it is a lot of work to 1: edit the template when needed, 2: copy and paste it all the time (and some time the people forget about it.

We used freshbooks and it had this possibility.

  • One more workaround is to add this information in Customer Comments field - customer Comments field is copied to the Notes field. If you need to add this note for each customer you can copy the cell in Excel and  upload the customer list csv file into DEAR.

  • This is a great possibility, but still not the simplest way how to do it.

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