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It would be nice to be able to add a customer account number when creating a new customer as well as just their name. Xero has an option to assign account numbers to customers which is handy when sending out statements as customers can use their account number as a reference when making payment. Right now I have to add account numbers manually in xero once the customer has been created in DEAR.

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  •  Not a single comment from DEAR. Whats the point in having a feature request if you don't even reply to the most trending topic!

  • Any update on this request? We are setting up DEAR and want to sync a unique customer account number to Xero (which has a field for "Account number"). But there is no corresponding field in DEAR. Can it be achieved with a custom attributes with a specific name?

  • Suggestion for Dear team - It could be achieved by offering an option to restrict entry in one of attribute fields to unique entries only. As in, you would have a tick box in settings for each attribute fields that can be select to allow unique entries only in that field. It could then flag up to say "this entry has already been used, please enter a unique entry in this field" You would also need to make it available to link with other software, ie CRM, Xero, mapping, etc.. This is so needed (to have a common field) to enable reporting from several different softwares to merge to get management data.
  • I was totally flabbergasted when I found out that Dear couldn't support 2 customers having the same name.  At first I thought it was a mistake so even after their support told me it was not possible I opened another ticket in case the support agent had given me the wrong info.

    Every other system I have come across uses a unique number for the customer.

  • Completely agree. This needs to be implemented asap.  We've recently discovered that two retail customers (via Shopify), with the same name have been merged into one 'Customer' in Dear, (with two contacts). Seems like this could be a serious data protection issue.

    If this has been deferred Dear should really given a reason as to why. 

  • This one i really needed. There is absolutely no good explanation for having the name at the unique identifier for a customer.. Stupid workarounds have to be implemented when selling to B2C customers where you have many John Smith's

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