Lot Received Date on Production Records

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 The Lot Received date is used more often than Expiry Date. This date is not available in either the screen showing Availability or accessible to print on a Finished Goods Record for Picking. Can the Received date be as available as the Expiry date? It is all in the same Lot Record.

Attached is what the plant needs.

  • As a work around you can consider merging Lot Received date with Lot Number. Something like "104567-2 (2015-01-01)" used as a batch number.

  • We already made this suggestion to the client. They were not happy about this as a permanent fix. This is a test installation prior to installing on their master production facility. It is a reasonable request, as the Expiry and Received date are part of the same record and there is not reason why one should be available and not the other. You are basically telling the client to enter the Received date twice, because the system does not work right- a funky sell.


  •  Test

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