Edits to Invoices WITHOUT Undo

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Being able to edit purchase orders and sales 480invoices without undoing the WHOLE transaction back to 'draft' would be very helpful.

To make minor edits such as address changes, payment due dates, contact information it's a bit frustrating to need to go through and reauthorise all stages again, and input payment details. 

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  • I often have customers changed their minds after their items have been ordered so this would be great!

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  • This has been driving me insane.

    Especially when I undo the invoice, make the changes and then get told the original items are no longer available!

    Seems that DEAR automatically allocates items to Back Orders as soon as you undo the Invoice.

    BUT I just found out....Just because DEAR tells you to either Split Order or Back Order..... Doesn't mean you have to!!!

    If you Backorder the can still pick, pack and Invoice them again anyway!!!

    Who would have thought huh?

    Why is it so hard to find this stuff out from DEAR?

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  • I would like to open up the suggestion again that invoices can be edited after they have been authorized! Undoing the invoice causes so many issues, it would be much easier if it was able to be changed simply through the invoice. 

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  • When I have one of these situations it churns up a lot of time - especially when the stock is out.

    It would be much more efficient not to have to undo.

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  • Completely agree... this is one of our big friction points with DEAR, we would LOVE to be able to make simple corrections on the Invoice tab without having to redo the entire order.

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  • I'd be happy if the Undo was restricted once an order has shipped. The way it is now, when shipped orders are undone, ghost versions of date-coded product are being added back into inventory, making it look like we have more than we do, affecting re-ordering and our ability to accurately quote availability to customers. 

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  • Hello DEAR! Please make editing to orders possible. Allowing simple things like adding comments/notes, tracking, changing shipping method, price adjustments, discounts without having to "undo" would be very useful. Thank you.

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  • "The idea has been marked as In Progress. "

    Wonderful news!! Thank you DEAR people!

  • The change has been implemented. Some of the fields that do not affect transactions directly were made editable without undo.

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  • Thank you Marvin!!

  • I'd still like to see the ability to add line items to invoices from suppliers. With things like print goods, we often have to put down a deposit, which is then reconciled in our accounting system with the authorized invoice, then there is an over or under print and the final invoice changes. 

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  • Yes this is so frustrating, I cannot understand why we have to go through the WHOLE process to add an item to an invoice or change a due date or freight charge! DEAR please please, this is time consuming and frustrating, I can't understand why the whole process needs doing again.


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  • its say the change has been implemented but I would not really class the changes made too meet the requests in this thread...


  • I'd like to be able to do simple thing like edit the memo fields once the invoice has been authorised... so many times i've had to undo the sale just because I needed to add a note about something.

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