Make Volume (Length*Width*Height) available in Packing Slip template

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Volume is super important for any shipper and the product dimensions are already in the system. So Length*Width*Height / 1728 = Cubic Feet (volume) of the shipment. 

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  • This is also very important for our company.  Note though we work in metrics, so might need a setting someone to specify imperial/metric. 


  • Item volume is super important for any inventory company - we've just started using Dear and it seems such a silly omission that the product volume is automatically calculated based on the dimensions already in Dear!

    This should be on the Delivery Docket/Packing Slip, AND in the Product view , under Dimensions....

    @Caroline - there is no unit of measure specified in Dear anyway , so you can just consider it to be whatever is the normal unit of measure 

    (maybe it's changed since your comment 2 years though)

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  • @DEAR - PLEASE do it!!

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  • The lack of item and carton volume information is probably one of the biggest shortfalls of DEAR system.
    Any company who imports products would need the volume information in item costing and setting up FCL orders.

    Without the volume of item and carton in DEAR, we have to manually work out the quantity configuration for full container shipment in excel which is very time consuming.

    In this day and age, item/carton volume details is a must have feature of any good inventory system.


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