Allow Synching of Multiple Product Titles Across Channels (Amazon Specifically)

started a topic over 5 years ago

DEAR recently launched Amazon integration in Beta, which is great, however, in order to synch items in DEAR to your store the product titles need to be the exact same.  This causes a problem when the desired listing on Amazon needs to be different than on other channels.  

In my example, we're the manufacturer with our own Shopify Store and we have a presence on Amazon.  When we list on our own Shopify store we have no need to call out our brand in the title of our goods, however, when we list on Amazon, that becomes completely necessary.  

Also,  titles on Amazon are CRUCIAL to search rankings so the ability to flex and try new titles for better rankings serves a business well...but with Dear, that's not possible.  

In order for the Amazon integration to provide real value the title issue needs to be resolved. 

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