Improve Magento integration for customer addresses

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Thank you for the recent developments to Dear - especially the improved payment synchronisation with Xero. Looking through the current features and those marked as 'planned', Dear is quickly getting to the point where most of the bigger issues we have will be solved.

An area that still causes us pain and wastes a lot of time is the way that customer / contact details come across from Magento. I realise that this is a complex area to improve and Magento doesn't have the friendliest API but if it can be done it would be very welcome. I'll try to outline what would make our lives easier below.

1. When the 'merge contacts' feature is complete this will help considerably with this area since duplicate customers are often created when a Magento customer makes a new order with slightly different spelling or email address.

2. Dear creates new billing and shipping addresses every time a customer makes an order even if the address is the same. This makes the customer contact details messy.

2. On invoices we would like to have the shipping and billing address display each field on a separate line. At the moment, the only way to display addresses imported from Magento is to use the BillingAddressLine1 and BillingAddressLine2 fields. This means the address gets squashed onto two lines. We would like to be able to use the following fields even for addresses that come from Magento, without first having to manually edit them:







(Same goes for 'shipping' versions of these fields.)

I realise that in Magento 'street' line 1 and 2 are not distinct fields, but they can be separated programmatically - e.g. see this Magento StackExchange answer... Simply getting the two 'street' fields into BillingLine1 and BillingLine2 would be a big improvement.

3. It would be great if the integration could capitalise all words in the names and addresses so that when customers type using lower case only, we don't have to manually fix. This Magento extension does this if you need an example.

Hopefully the above makes sense and is useful.

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