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Sorting the search results for an item by product code should show the exact matches first.

For example I have product X1, but also have product X2, X3 etc up to X100.

When searching for X1 it should be the first item to appear in the drop-down list. this is not the case some times and you have to scroll down to find the item, going through products X11, X12, X13 before finding the correct item.

The search function should be able to show the exact match first, then each subsequent result after that.

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  • Yeah...

    Its a Joke.

    We had to change some of our SKUs to be able to invoice them.

    DEAR was generating 180 results for our exact SKUs....but it only shows the first 50 results as an option when manually invoicing......none of which were the SKU we input!!!!

    Same goes for product reports...

    We type in the exact SKU,but get 50 results which we need to sort through to find the item we are looking for.

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