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Add a "Reference" field for Purchase Orders

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Similar to the "Customer Reference" field that is available for Sales Orders, it would be extremely useful to have a "Vendor Reference" field available for purchases.

This would make is much easier to categorize and search past purchases.

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  • I cannot believe that such a simple field has not been added. I just started using the system. I have never actually seen an inventory system that doesn't have the ability to enter a reference number provided by a supplier.  This is not the same as the invoice number.  

  • second that! so difficult to find the PO when there are multiple to the same supplier

  • Would be a huge time saver!!  We order many products from one supplier, now I have to open lots of older PO's in order to clone the right one.

  • You can add custom attributes to a PO, why not do that? 

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  • We hope solution suggested by Tim Richardson would do the job for everyone. 


  • we already use Tim's workaround but it would have been easier and more logical to have this field in the main header (similar to sales quotes) so that it isnt missed. Saves having to go to the additional attribute tab and complete it

  • This would be helpful when processing a supplier credit especially.  Currently there is no-where to add the Credit Number.

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16 people like this idea
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