Scanning of items in stock transfer screen

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It would be handy for the user if they were able to select items on the inventory transfer screen by scanning the products they are transferring ?

This could be consistent with how it can be done in the existing DEAR sales and purchase screens ?


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  • YES! We need this immediately. It should be an easy feature to add, since the code already works for Sales and Purchases.

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  • Please add this feature

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  • Very desirable

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  • This would be a HUGE benefit to operations. 

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  • Would enjoy seeing this feature added!

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  • This would be the best feature EVER.

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  • With the former warehouse manager and now having my own inventory on a service truck this would be a very appreciated and well need asset.

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  • That would be awesome and efficient!

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  • Would def. make life alot easier. 

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  • This would work great with our current system.

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  • A much needed feature.  Please add.

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10 people like this idea
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