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Hi There,

I would like to be able to back order the products we do not have in stock but for the customer to pay for the whole order in one go. However if I "split" the order the customer has to pay two separate invoices and if i "back order" the order. The entire order is backordered. Is anyone else having this problem?



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  • Thanks Simon,

    "Even if stock is allocated elsewhere it can easily be reallocated to the order by re Authorising it and then completing Pick"

    By "re authorising" I assume you mean selecting "Back Order"  rather than "Split Order"?

    Could you please confirm?

    We have been advised to remove the Backorder YES/NO column from our invoice which we have done.

    We have also been advised not to select "Back Order".

    My understanding is that selecting "BackOrder" when invoicing currently places the items we cannot supply together in the invoice with those that we can supply. This is not a suitable option for us.

    As I have explained previously we cannot ask our customers to pay for items that will be out of stock for several months if they come back in at all. They will never order again!

    Therefore we cannot use "Backorder" to override the un picked but "Allocated" items from other Sale Orders when invoicing 

    So our only option at present is to use "Split Order"... which means we can only invoice items that are not currently "Allocated" elsewhere... regardless of whether they have been picked or not.

    So we are currently putting all the real Back Ordered Sale Orders generated when we "Split an order" back to "Ordering" so they will not show as "allocated" and affect our ability to undo and re do Pro Forma Invoices which contain these items.


    I'm hoping that when you upgrade the Back Order Function we will be able to use it to only invoice and request payment for items we are able to supply immediately... with the back ordered items shown separately on the invoice (not together in with the in-stock items) and without their value included in the total of the invoice.

    Can you please confirm if you think your new upgrade will allow this? 

    I think it would be a big improvement in the whole process.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Many Thanks


  • I am in the same boat I think. My Retail Partners/Customers for the most part order through our online store (WooCommerce) Based. The other day a customer ordered several items that are currently backordered. I split the order to do a partial shipment, however the bill says that I need to create a credit note. I just want to take what they overpaid on the first invoice (not an overpayment as we require payment upfront) and apply it to the new order so that ones we get our stock in we can then ship it out. What I dont want to do is send them a refund and I fear that Xero, or DEAR is going to contact Stripe and issue a refund for items that my customer did want to pay for knowing they were on backorder. Can someone please explain what to do in this scenario?

  • About backorder. Why do we need it to begin with. All other systems like peach tree and quick books lets you complete your order with negative inventory. Then when you input your receivables the inventory becomes positive. This way the order can be worked on, without waiting for receivables. Sometimes I know the product will be available in few hours and I want to sell it now but have to wait till the inventory is in the system. Waist of time. 

    PS. How hard is it to show previous balance?

  • All issues identified in this topic has been resolved in our advanced sale module release back in January 2017

6 people have this question
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