Add "NOTES" and Customizable fields to Sales & Purchases / View All sort drop down menu.

started a topic almost 6 years ago

We should be able to include any of the fields that are used in the individual Sale or Purchase headers of individual orders in the "VIEW ALL" screen.  

Having all available data fields to display in the drop down sort list or include in the summary display would allow users to select data they require.

I would also find an additional customizable fields that could be added and displayed would be very useful for named projects.  Also, the ability to insert the "JOB NUMBER" in a Sale and Purchase header would tie them together.

The premise should be any data deemed worthy of capture should be able to be selected, searched, sorted or displayed in the "View All" screen.  This becomes more flexible for varying workflows across different industries.

I do love the recent changes and the program overall.

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4 people like this idea
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