Multiple Units of Measure

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As a wholesaler, we buy and sell based items on unit prices, but for shipping we can only buy and sell shippable quantities based on how many units go in a box, or case-pack. So if 10 pans fit in a box, we can only buy and sell in multiples of 10. But we don't negotiate buying or selling prices based on total price of the case, that is done on a unit basis. 

Having multiple units of measure, so we can keep track of items, dozens, cases, and pallets all for the same item would greatly aid our ability to sell in quantities that are shippable and keep inventory numbers correctly in check. 

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  • Another thing to consider with this is also adding a barcode for each UOM. Often we have a barcode for the case, pack and each. So if each unit of measure had a barcode when receiving is done the case would be scanned and know how many have been received. This would make receiving a faster process.

  • Great Idea

  • This would be of great help and could be incorporated into a minimum order requirement per item.

  • A few additional requirements and thoughts:

    • CSV import/export similar to the way the Bill Of Materials import/export works.
    • Selection of unit being used in all line item use of products: purchase, BOM, sale
    • For Purchase and Production, there could be a single SKU that converts based on conversion specified.
    • For Sale of products, it seems that there would need to be separate SKUs when sold in different units to facilitate pricing by different units. Also, the separate SKUs for sale would be necessary for eCommerce integration.  Right?
    • In my experience, the big need is for unit conversion of the Purchase unit to then be used for Production or Sale.   So long as the Purchase unit is easily convertible to multiple other units, then I think it would satisfy most (all?) of the needs I have seen.  Caveat: I have not completely analyzed this feature.  I just know that building unit conversions using Disassembly works but is a one way (and only one way) conversion and is not flexible, so I am looking forward to this feature being implemented.

  • "Apologies but we cannot provide an status update on this one. Currently our focus is to develop the future enhancement for B2B and POS. I also advise product team about it and if ever this will be considered status will be changed to Planned." 

  • Yes great, as we need to be able to take stock of single, boxes and cases - but they need to be linked, and the order goes to our supplier in boxes or cases

  • I won't sign up for the service until this feature is available.

  • Hi DEAR Support,

    When this feature will be available?

    It's really surprising for a inventory ERP that you haven’t this feature, 

    An answer will be highly appreciated


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23 people like this idea
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